ANL semi finalists decided after thrilling final round

ANL Round 3The Victorian Fury and Netball NSW Waratahs will meet in an Australian Netball League semi-final this Saturday night after the pair played undoubtedly the game of the season in the highlight of Week 7 matches.

The Fury and Waratahs played a double extra-time thriller at the Waverley Netball Centre on Saturday night with the Victorian side claiming a 71-69 victory that allowed the reigning champions to secure top spot on the ladder.

They sealed that position with a 64-47 win over the QLD Fusion in Sunday’s action to extend their winning streak to 21 matches.

The Waratahs locked in fourth spot with a 60-42 victory over the Victorian Flames in the final match of the regular season. The Fury and Waratahs clashed in last season’s Grand Final in Adelaide with the Victorians triumphant.

IMG_3849The other crucial result over the weekend occurred in Darwin on Saturday night, when the Western Sting overpowered the Southern Force in the second half to score a 47-45 win and secure a Semi Final berth for the first time since 2012.

The Sting finished the regular season in second spot on the ladder after beating the Tassie Spirit 61-31 on Sunday and will face off against the Fusion in Saturday night’s other Semi Final. The Fusion has qualified for the finals for the first time since 2012.

The crowd at the Waverley Netball Centre was treated to a high-quality match on Saturday night with the Fury and Waratahs locked together at 56-all at the finish of regular time.

For most of the match the Waratahs looked as though they would inflict the Fury’s first defeat of the season before the hosts rallied in the final term.

An extra 14 minutes could not separate the two sides as they finished the first period of extra time at 67-all, sending the match into sudden death double overtime.

The Fury gained a crucial break and when vice-captain Caitlin Strachan pulled off a crucial intercept, the ball found its way into the hands of teenager Alice Teague-Neeld, who slotted the winning goal.

The Waratahs suffered a major blow when a leg injury forced goal attack Leah Shoard off the court late in the match.

Week Seven Results:

Tassie Spirit (48) defeated Territory Storm (29)
Spirit shooting stats:
Sophie Gunn 24/30 (80%)
Kate Costello 15/23 (66%)
Estelle Margetts 8/9 (89%)
Catherine Van Keulen 1/6 (17%)

Storm shooting stats:
Michelle Winch 15/21 (72%)
Rebecca Winch 9/10 (90%)
Courtney Murphy 3/7 (43%)
Katelyn Platten 2/6 (34%)

Western Sting (45) defeated Southern Force (43)
Sting shooting stats:
Kate Beveridge 17/25 (68%)
Sarah East 15/16 (94%)
Kaylia Stanton 13/23 (57%)

Force shooting stats:
Cody Lange 22/25 (88%)
Georgie Virgo 21/25 (84%)

Victorian Fury (71) defeated Netball NSW Waratahs (69)
Fury shooting stats:
Alice Teague-Neeld 30/33 (91%)
Stephanie Puopolo 21/26 (81%)
Erin Hoare 20/21 (96%)

Waratahs shooting stats:
Kristina Brice 46/51 (91%)
Leah Shord 20/24 (84%)
Amy Sommerville 3/6 (50%)

QLD Fusion (60) defeated Victorian Flames (44)
Fusion shooting stats:
Gretel Tippett 41/51 (81%)
Stephanie Wood 10/13 (77%)
Cara Koenen 5/7 (72%)
Ameliaranne Wells 4/6 (67%)

Flames shooting stats:
Gabrielle Sinclair 21/24 (88%)
Jane Cook 20/22 (91%)
Stacey Northey 3/9 (34%)

Southern Force (75) defeated Territory Storm (32)
Force shooting stats:
Laura Packard 35/41 (86%)
Cody Lange 31/36 (87%)
Georgie Virgo 9/12 (75%)

Storm shooting stats:
Rebecca Winch 13/18 (73%)
Michelle Winch 12/13 (93%)
Katelyn Platten 7/8 (88%)

Victorian Fury (64) defeated QLD Fusion (47)
Fury shooting stats:
Stephanie Puopolo 25/27 (92%)
Alice Teague-Neeld 18/20 (90%)
Erin Hoare 18/21 (86%)
Stacey Gannon 3/5 (60%)

Fusion shooting stats:
Gretel Tippett 19/26 (73%)
Ameliaranne Wells 13/19 (68%)
Cara Koenen 12/14 (86%)
Stephanie Wood 3/6 (50%)

Western Sting (61) defeated Tassie Spirit (31)
Sting shooting stats:
Kate Beveridge 20/20 (100%)
Kaylia Stanton 19/27 (71%)
Sarah East 15/19 (79%)
Emma Cosh 7/8 (88%)

Spirit shooting stats:
Sophie Gunn 15/28 (54%)
Estelle Margetts 8/13 (62%)
Kate Costello 8/18 (45%)

Netball NSW Waratahs (60) defeated Victorian Flames (42)
Waratahs shooting stats:
Kristina Brice 50/53 (93%)
Amy Sommerville 7/8 (88%)
Melissa Tallent 3/3 (100%)

Flames shooting stats:
Gabrielle Sinclair 16/18 (89%)
Jane Cook 15/17 (88%)
Stacey Northey 11/15 (73%)

Canberra Darters
Netball NSW Blues

Final 2014 Ladder:

1Victorian Fury990057138218149.48
2Western Sting972048739114124.55
3Queensland Fusion972057147714119.71
4NSW Waratahs963062741612150.72
5Southern Force954045037110121.29
6Victorian Flames954040136710109.26
7Tassie Spirit9360380492677.24
8NSW Blues9270422499484.57
9Canberra Darters9180346562261.57
10Territory Storm9090264592049.66



Victorian Fury v Netball NSW Waratahs
Waverley Netball Centre
Saturday, August 23, 5:00PM

Western Sting v QLD Fusion
Waverley Netball Centre
Saturday, August 23, 7:00PM