Australia’s fixture and results for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Thu 24 July1.30pm10.30pmAustralia (63)defeatWales (36)MATCH REPORTSTATS
Sat 26 July9.30am6.30pmAustralia (49)defeatEngland (48)MATCH REPORTSTATS
Sun 27 July11.30am8.30pmAustralia (77)defeatBarbados (27)MATCH REPORTSTATS
Mon 28 July11.30am8.30pmAustralia (69)defeatTrindad & Tobago (34)MATCH REPORTSTATS
Wed 30 July9.30am6.30pmAustralia (64)defeatSouth Africa (40)MATCH REPORTSTATS
Sat 2 AugSemi-Final -12.15pm9.15pmAustralia (57)defeatJamaica (42)MATCH REPORTSTATS
Sun 3 AugFinal – 12.30pm9.30pmAustralia (58)defeatNew Zealand (40)MATCH REPORTSTATS


Classification Matches:

Thursday 31 July, 5.00pm – 9.00pm (2.00am – 6.00am AEST)

Friday 1 August, 9.30am – 1.30am (6.30pm – 10.30pm AEST)


Semi-Finals Matches:

Semi-Final 1: Saturday 2 August, 10.00am (7.00pm AEST) – New Zealand v England

Semi-Final 2: Saturday 2 August, 12.15pm (9.15pm AEST) – Australia v Jamaica


Bronze Medal Match:

Sunday 3 August, 10.00am (7.00pm AEST)


Gold Medal Match:

Sunday 3 August, 12.30pm (9.30pm AEST)